Web Design Tips for BeginnersWEB DESIGN TIPS FOR BEGINNERS

Some people may be looking for web design tips for beginners in order to design their own website. Many people assume that designing a website is a complicated job and only a designer can do it. This fact is indeed true, but you can also become a designer for your personal blog or website. It is not the kind of designing a website from scratch, but you can try to compose some components so that you can beautify your website with a beautiful design. Here are some web design tips for beginners that you should try.


The first web design tips for beginners choose the appropriate theme. The blog service usually provides some themes that already exists on the internet. You can just use the theme from the Blogspot itself. Because it is actually quite good for you. From either side of the compatibility, responsive, and SEO support. While if you are users of WordPress, a theme taken from the WordPress official catalog will get an update routinely. If you take the theme from outside the blog service, you would not necessarily benefit.


The second web design tips for beginners select only important widget. Just as the theme, lots of widgets you can use to beautify your blog. But filling the blog with many widgets will slow down the loading process of your website. Especially, if you take the widget from outside the blog service. The fewer widget, the faster your blog will be loading. You should reconsider if you want to put widget hours or music widget because everyone already has a clock on their computer or smartphone and they also have their own favorite songs


The next web design tips for beginners choose the right fonts. Nowadays, if you are using Blogspot you can replace all existing font in your blog with the font you personally select. You can change any font from your blog, but don’t forget that not all the website visitors will like your selected fonts. If you want to change the default theme font, make sure that the new font is easier to read than the previous font.

The above web design tips for beginners can be a referral for all website and blog owner to design a website or blog easily. But remember, the look of the blog must not be filled with all the stuff you like. Because not all the visitors need that kind of accessories, what they need the most is the important content.